My Credit Card Experience: Avoid if you can’t control

I got my first credit card in 2009, I used it for business. But when I hear my friends and other family members to use the credit card in order to waive the annual fee.

So I bought the things I want, mostly gadgets and gizmos, until I could not handle the debt (my debt increased twice my original debt). So after 4 years, I decided to pay my remaining debts, cancel my credit cards.

The lesson here is, if you are too careless to spend money for nothing, do not get a credit card.

Skeptical about Cryptocurrency? Try the faucets first

I was skeptical about cryptocurrencies before, then a friend of mine introduced the cryptocurrency faucets to me.

So how does it work? Bitcoin faucets gives free coins in exchange of viewing their ads and answering the CAPTCHA. They give coins every five minutes while you can hold them for a long time and withdraw it later.

If you want to see the faucets, click the boxes below:

Insurance, to get or not to get?

Me, at 32, got an insurance last year and I hoped I got it earlier because the earlier you have an insurance, the bigger money you can get.

I believe in the saying “time is money” because the value of money grows over time, invest it in a bank or savings account.

I got myself a PRULife UK insurance since December of 2016 and I am pleased to own one. We are considering to put it in time deposit but the interest is low minus the tax.

I suggest that you need to have an insurance at the age of 20-30 years old because of compounding interests (where the rate increases overtime, usually every year).